In November of 2010, Missouri voters passed Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. This bill modified existing regulations in order to close gaps and provide additional enforcement options, both of which were focused at improving the lives of dogs at Missouri commercial dog breeders.

You probably think that the job of getting this bill passed is done, and the dogs are on their way to better lives. You probably think this, but unfortunately, you're wrong.

The very next day after the election, state representatives vowed to negate the vote and repeal Proposition B. Instead of the fight against puppy mill cruelty winding down, it was only catching a second breath.

I created Puppies @ Burningbird to provide a place where I could permanently record all of the information I would repeat, time and again, in comments about Proposition B. It's also a way for me to provide more in-depth answers, as well as counter some of the myths and misinformation about Proposition B.

Since that time, I've expanded coverage on this site to cover all animal welfare issues in Missouri.

All statements made in this publication are, to the best of my knowledge and verification, absolutely true. If you happen to spot an inaccuracy, please contact me with a clarification.

Shelley Powers