Senate is the first out of the gate

The senate agricultural committee is the first with a bill to the floor to modify Proposition B. Considering that community discussion was cut off yesterday and the other bills not discussed, it's obvious that the state senators had no interest in discussing this bill, or even in providing a pretense of fairness.

By the description, the bill they're going with is SB 113 (fulll text of bill) from Senator Mike Parson.

The bill doubles the burden on Missouri Department of Agriculture inspectors, by requiring them to conduct multiple inspections for "serious" infractions, as well as giving breeders 30 to 180 days to correct these "serious" infractions.

What's a serious infraction?

Eighth Bill to Modify Proposition B Read

I kid you not, there is now an eighth bill about Proposition B, HB 332.

This one, sponsored by Representative Ward Franz, is confusing. It doesn't revoke any of the Proposition B regulations. It does grandfather in existing breeders, which is something I can't accept. It also, bizarrely, includes references to "humane societies" directly in the text. I just can't figure out the reason why.

Regardless, grandfathering in existing commercial breeders is unacceptable. We're supposed to turn a blind eye to the condition of the dogs in existing breeders? It's OK for dogs to suffer in the 1400+ licensed breeders, but not for any breeder? The whole point of Proposition B is that there are problems with existing breeders, not some hypothetical breeder in the future.

Support for Proposition B from Representative Kirkton and Senator Schmitt

I received a very gracious phone call from Senator Schmitt's office, assuring me that the Senator "owns and loves dogs", and that he will support Proposition B.

My House Rep, Jeanne Kirkton, supported Proposition B before the election, and continues to support it now. In fact, her office has been kind enough to help me attempt to get some information from the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

I appreciate both my state representatives supporting Proposition B AND my vote.

House of Representative second meeting

The House of Representatives agricultural committee meets a second time on Proposition B, Thursday January 27, right after session adjournment, in House Hearing Room 3.

The Senate meets today, at 1pm, in Senate Committee Room 1.

Of course, after we've seen the demeanor and witnessed the bias among representatives attending the House meeting yesterday, we know that Pro-Proposition B forces will not get a fair hearing any of these days.

Majority Whip Jason Smith, who doesn't have to attend these meetings but can as Majority Whip, was particularly aggressive in his questioning of Proposition B advocates. You understand why when you read that his mother owns one of the Missouri Dirty Dozen—a commercial breeder deemed to be especially negligent.

House Meeting on Proposition B

The major local story today is the Missouri House of Representatives Agricultural committee on the anti-Proposition B votes.

The meeting was so popular the Fired Up Missouri folks couldn't even get close to the door.

I was disappointed to hear the same myths and misunderstandings about Proposition B that I fact-checked for the Columbia Missourian.

The main one that was repeated was that Proposition B wasn't really about dogs, it was about agriculture and eliminating all animal ownership and forcing people into vegetarianism. Absolutely absurd, of course, and insulting to the people of this state. Not only do they want to disallow our vote, they assume we're dumb as bricks, too.

In Unseemly Haste now Senate Meets

In a fit of unseemly haste, perhaps hoping to fly under the radar and sneak legislation in while people are unaware, the Missouri senate agricultural committee suddenly scheduled a public hearing on its versions of the pro-puppy mill legislation. Of course, giving people short notice does give the impression that the good Senators really don't want the public there, and really aren't interested in hearing what we have to say.

Regardless, Senate bills 4, 95, and 113 will be discussed in a public hearing at 1pm, Wednesday, January 26th, in Senate Committee Room 1.

It's essential to email your state representatives, both Senate and House of Representative, and let them know you support Proposition B. Of course you do: you voted for it.

Letters to Representatives Brattin, Parkinson, and Cross

Most of the sponsors and co-sponsors for the several bills to modify or repeal Proposition B are from districts that, according to my spreadsheets, voted No on Proposition B. Folks should contact the representatives in these districts anyway, just to let them know about respecting the vote. My focus, though, has been on the representatives that come from districts that voted Yes on Proposition B.

Letter to Senator Eric Schmitt

An email to my state senator, Eric Schmitt

Hello Senator Schmitt,

As I'm sure you're aware, several bills have been introduced in both the Missouri House, as well as the Senate, to repeal or modify Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.

As a proponent for Proposition B, as well as a member of your district, I hope I can count on you to work against such efforts. Your district voted overwhelmingly in favor of Proposition B, and we did so not because we're uninformed, and not because "HSUS bought the election". We voted for Proposition B because this bill can have a real impact on the too many dismal, miserable puppy mills that have made Missouri the "puppy mill capital of the US".

Hearings on Anti-Proposition B Legislation

There is a public hearing on three of the anti-Proposition B bills next Tuesday, January 25th, at noon (12 pm). The meeting will be held in House Hearing Room 6.

The following bills will be discussed:

HB 99: Exempts all existing breeders from Proposition B legislation

HB 94: Outright repeal of Proposition B

HB 131: Extreme modifications to Proposition B

The committee is the Agricultural Committee, and the meeting will be chaired by Tom Loehner, vice chaired by Bill Reibolt.

Again, the public is invited to attend, and participate.

Yet More Anti-Puppy Legislation

The state representatives are still busy, trying to ensure that no laws regarding animals, including the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, are dared asked for, or passed, by the citizens of this fair state.

Another bill has been submitted to modify Proposition B, HB 281, introduced by Mike Kelly (126). HB 281 is another bill that pretends to be a "compromise", but is anything but. It modifies the Proposition B Puppy Mills Cruelty Prevention Act in the following ways:


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