Rabbit Ridge Kennel Campaign

The USDA inspected the Rabbit Ridge Kennel, owned by Donald Schrage, April 5th.

Rabbit Ridge was featured in HSUS's Dirty Dozen. This kennel is a repeat offender, and has been a repeat offender since at least 2003. The April 5th inspection was a focus inspection, based on violations noted by the USDA inspector in March. The March inspection was a focus inspection, based on violations the inspector noted in November 29, 2010. The November inspection was a focus inspection, based on violations the inspector noted November 16, 2010, and so on. This one breeder has been inspected by the USDA nine times since January 1, 2010. The breeder repeatedly fails inspections, with items such as the following:

HSUS, Best Friends, and ASPCA next actions

Wayne Pacelle responded to the recent events with SB 161. Evidently the plan of the HSUS, Best Friends Society, and ASPCA is to focus on the Constitutional Amendment that protects citizen initiatives. The organizations also plan to monitor whether there is improvement for dogs in the puppy mills in Missouri. If there is no real improvement, the organizations plan to respond with another citizen initiative, but this time, one hopefully protected from legislative mucking about.

This confirms that there won't be a move to bring about a referendum to veto SB 161. Disappointing but understandable. With the burn out and apathy I'm seeing demonstrated by various pundits, it may be difficult to bring about a referendum, especially with the actions of HSMO and MAAL.


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bedraggled kitten on sidewalk with image of human walking away from it behind

The quote in the poster is from Helen Keller:

Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all -- the apathy of human beings.

This Fight is Not Over

I see that Missouri Farmers Care has moved on from fighting for the puppy mills and is now fighting for genetically modified foods. I expect next we'll see an article about the healthful benefits of CAFO manure lagoons.

Governor Nixon signed SB 161. That's all that's happened. He signed a bill that gutted Proposition B. Oh, a few token provisions have been left, but you and I know that the breeders will find their way around these new provisions. I do not expect to see much change in the large scale commercial dog breeding operations in this state.

SB 161 vote in senate

The reps literally ran SB 161 from the House to Senate and instituted a vote on the senate floor. The move was so quick, the senators were confused and they had to run the debate and vote again.

I was so disappointed to hear Jolie Justus join with the rural legislators in order to throw HSUS under the bus. The Democrats felt it was more important to back Nixon than to back their own voters. And they did the worse thing possible: they attacked a national organization with numerous members in this state, in order to ensure the Democrats win the governor's election in 2012.

This is the worst form of political expediency. We talk about the political shenanigans on the Republican side, but what about the Democrats? Well, as we can see, they're not above playing political games. After all: it's just dogs, right?

I'm a Democrat but I have no pride in my party today. None at all.

And so much for the voters again...

And the House passed SB 161 today. Worse, it passed the emergency clause, which makes the bill "referendum proof". The debate was contentious and there were a couple of brave folks who spoke out against the emergency clause, but when you have a legislature so dominated by special interests, the people don't have a chance.

I have a recording of the emergency clause debate and will post it and other recordings I've made. I'll post them all eventually.

These people didn't just want to kill the Proposition B vote, they wanted to piss on its grave, too. How can we vote for people who have so much disdain for us?

And so much for the voters...

Word is now circulating that Governor Nixon signed SB 113.

The will of the voters means little to the people in Jefferson City. Cruelty to dogs means even less.

Update: Confirmation from Yael T. Abouhalkah from the Kansas City Star.

Not to worry, claims Nixon in an oily move: The legislature has promised to look at his “Missouri compromise” that also guts the voter-approved Prop B in important ways, just not as badly as the legislature’s bill does.

Of course, by signing the really bad law into effect, Nixon must pull out stops to get his merely “bad” bill through.

The Money Game

One of the problems I kept running into when preparing stories for this site is the fact that Missouri's Department of Agriculture seems to have abysmal data systems. Every Sunshine Law request, no matter how small, exceeded whatever amount of money I had set as a cap for the request.

Now it would seem the same problem occurs elsewhere in state government. When asked about Lt. Governor Kinder's calendar, journalists were first told the entries were not available. Later, though, it was discovered that the entries were available, but the cost would be well over several thousand dollars in order to get the information.

I can only imagine

Susan Redden in the Joplin Globe on Governor Nixon's "solution":

I can only imagine how the lawmakers must feel after passing legislation and then seeing the governor turn around and propose his own plan. They must feel like the voters who passed Proposition B.

Bahr and Barnes on Proposition B and Constitutionality

Representative Kurt Bahr is one of the reps who went against the people in his district. In his case, he voted for SB 113 over the wishes of over 61% of the people. Listen to what Sean at Fired Up! Missouri calls a train wreck of a radio interview between KTRS's McGraw Milhaven and Bahr:

First, to address one falsehood: SB 113 repeals every last bit of Proposition B. When Jane Cunningham challenged Mike Parson on the floor of the Missouri Senate to show one part of Proposition B that wasn't modified by SB 113, Parson couldn't answer her. That's because SB 113 changes everything.


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