Summary of Proposition B votes by Missouri House of Representative District
District Representative Vote Counties Notes (explanations follow table)
1 Craig Redmon no Schuyler, Scotland Clark, Knox, Lewis, Marion
2 Zachary Wyatt no Puttnam, Sullivan, Adair
3 Casey Guernsey no Worth, Harrison, Mercer, Sullivan, Grundy, Daviess, Gentry
4 Mike Thomson no Atchinson, Holt, Nodaway, Worth
5 Glen Klippenstein no Gentry, DeKalb, Clinton, Platte *primarily rural
6 Lindell F. Shumake no Marion, Ralls
7 Mike Lair no Caldwell, Carroll, Livingston
8 Tom Shively no Linn, Macon, Shelby
9 Paul Quinn no Monroe, Audrain, Boone, Howard
10 Jay D. Houghton no Pike, Audrain, Montgomery, Callaway, Lincoln
11 Ed Schieffer no Lincoln
12 Douglas Funderburk yes St. Charles
13 Chuck Gatschenberger yes St. Charles, Warren *Primarily St. Charles-however, has come out as co-sponsor for HB 94 to repeal Prop B
14 Kathie Conway yes St. Charles
15 Sally Faith yes St. Charles Representative Faith has withdrawn as co-sponsor for HB 94 and now says she'll vote against any modification of Proposition B
16 Mark A. Parkinson yes St. Charles
17 Vicki Schneider yes St. Charles
18 Anne Zerr yes St. Charles
19 Kurt Bahr yes St. Charles
20 Jeanie Riddle no Callaway
21 John Cauthorn no Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Monroe
22 Randy Asbury no Chariton, Randolph
23 Stephen Webber yes Boone *Columbia – town effect
24 Chris Kelly no Boone
25 Mary Wynne Still no (yes) Boone MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as Yes
26 Joe Aull no Lafayette, Saline
27 Pat Conway yes Buchanan
28 Delus Johnson no Andrew, Buchanan *primarily rural
29 Galen Wayne Higdon Jr. yes (no) Buchanan, Platte *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No
30 Nick Marsall yes Buchanan, Platte
31 Jay Swearingen yes Clay
32 Ron Shieber yes Platte
33 Jerry Nolte yes Clay
34 Myron Neth yes Clay
35 T. J. Berry yes Clay
36 Bob Nance yes (no) Ray, Clay *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No
37 Mike Talboy yes Jackson
38 Ryan Silvey yes Clay
39 Jean Peters-Baker yes Jackson
40 John Joseph Rizzo yes Jackson
41 Shalonn Curls yes Jackson
42 Leonard Hughes yes Jackson
43 Gail McCann Beatty yes Jackson
44 Jason Kander yes Jackson
45 Jason R. Holsman yes Jackson
46 Kevin McCanus yes Jackson
47 Jeff Grisamore yes Jackson
48 Gary Cross yes Jackson
49 Tom McDonald yes Jackson
50 Michael R Brown yes Jackson
51 Ira Anders yes Jackson
52 Noel Torpey yes Jackson
53 Brent Lasater yes Jackson
54 Jeanie Lauer yes Jackson
55 Sheila Solon yes Jackson
56 Mike Cierplot yes Jackson
57 Karla May yes St. Louis City
58 Penny V. Hubbard yes St. Louis City
59 Jeanette Mott Oxford yes St. Louis City
60 Jamilah Nasheed yes St. Louis City
61 Chris Carter yes St. Louis City
62 Donald E Phillips no Stone, Taney
63 Tishaura Jones yes St. Louis City
64 Susan Carlson yes St. Louis City and St. Louis County
65 Michele Kratky yes St. Louis City
66 Genise Montecillo yes St. Louis City and St. Louis County
67 Mike Colona yes St. Louis City
68 David Sater no Barry, Stone
69 Tommie Pierson yes St. Louis County
70 Sharon Pace yes St. Louis County
71 Clem Smith yes St. Louis County
72 Rory Ellinger yes St. Louis County
73 Stacey Newman yes St. Louis County
74 Steve Webb yes St. Louis County
75 Bert Atkins yes St. Louis County
76 C. M. Spreng yes St. Louis County
77 Eileen Grant McGeoghegan yes St. Louis County
78 Margo McNeil yes St. Louis County
79 Mary Nichols yes St. Louis County
80 Sylvester Taylor II yes St. Louis County
81 Rochelle Walton Gray yes St. Louis County
82 Jill Schupp yes St. Louis County
83 Jake Zimmerman yes St. Louis County
84 Don Gosen yes St. Louis County
85 Cloria Brown yes St. Louis County
86 Cole McNary yes St. Louis County
87 John J Diehl Jr. yes St. Louis County
88 Andrew Koenig yes St. Louis County
89 Timothy W. Jones yes St. Louis County
90 John C. McCaherty yes Jefferson
91 Jeanne Kirkton yes St. Louis County
92 Sue Allen yes St. Louis County
93 Dwight Scharnhorst yes St. Louis County
94 Rick Stream yes St. Louis County
95 Mike Leara yes St. Louis County
96 Scott Sifton yes St. Louis County
97 Gary Fuhr yes St. Louis County
98 Dave Hinson no Franklin
99 Bart Korman no Montgomery, Warren
100 Marsha Haefner yes St. Louis County
101 Timothy G. Meadows yes Jefferson
102 Paul Wieland yes Jefferson
103 Ron Casey yes Jefferson
104 Joseph Fallert, Jr. no Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve *DeSoto can't compensate predominately rural
105 Paul Curtman yes Franklin, Jefferson, St. Louis County *predominately Jefferson and urban
106 Steven Tilley yes (no) Perry, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No
107 Linda Black Fischer yes St. Francois
108 Jacob W. Hummel yes St. Louis City
109 Scott Dieckhaus yes (no) Franklin, St. Charles *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No
110 Ben Harris no Franklin, Jefferson, Washington *primarily rural
111 Dave Schatz no Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade
112 Tom Loehner no Gasconade, Maries, Osage
113 Mike Bernskoetter no Cole
114 Jason Barnes no Cole
115 Rodney Schad no Camden, Cole, Miller, Morgan
116 Wanda Brown no Benton, Morgan, Pettis
117 Caleb Jones no Cooper, Moniteau, Morgan, Pettis
118 Stanley Cox no Lafayette, Saline, Pettis
119 Sandy Crawford no Dallas, Hickory, St. Clair
120 Scott N. Largent no Bates, Cass, Henry, Johnson, Pettis *primarily rural
121 Denny L Hoskins yes (no) Johnson *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No
122 Mike McGhee no Cass, Johnson, Lafayette *primarily rural
123 Chris Molendorp yes Cass
124 Rick Brattin yes (no) Cass *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No
125 Barney Fisher no Bates, Vernon
126 Mike Kelley no Barton, Dade, Jasper, Polk
127 Tom Flanigan no Jasper
128 Charlie Davis no Jasper, Newton
129 William White no (yes) Jasper, Newton *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as Yes
130 Bill Reibolt no McDonald, Newton
131 Bill Lant no McDonald, Newton
132 Don Ruzicka no Lawrence
133 Sue Entlicher no Cedar, Polk
134 Thomas Long no Greene
135 Charles W. Denison no Greene
136 Eric Burlison no Greene
137 Melissa Leach no (yes) Greene *MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as Yes
138 Sara Lampe yes Greene *higher vote in Greene, Springfield effect
139 Shane Schoeller no Greene
140 Lincoln Hough no Greene
141 Kevin Elmer no Christian, Lawrence, Stone
142 Raymond Weter no Christian, Taney
143 Lyle Rowland no Howell, Ozark, Stone, Taney
144 Tony Dugger no Douglas, Texas, Wright
145 Lyndall Fraker no Webster, Greene
146 Darrell Pollock no Camden, Laclede
147 Don Wells no Phelps, Pulaski, Shannon, Texas
148 David Day no Camden, Laclede, Pulaski
149 Keith Frederick no Phelps
150 Jason T. Smith no Crawford, Dent, Phelps, Reynolds
151 Ward Franz no Howell
152 Paul Fitzwater no Iron, Reynolds, Shannon, Washington
153 Steve Cookson no Butler, Carter, Oregon, Ripley, Wayne
154 Todd Richardson no Butler
155 Diane Franklin no Camden, Miller, Morgan
156 Shelley Keeney no Bollinger, Madison, Wayne
157 Donna Lichtenegger no Cape Girardeau, Perry
158 Wayne Wallingford no Cape Girardeau, Scott
159 Billy Pat Wright no Cape Girardeau, Stoddard, Wayne
160 Ellen Brandom no Cape Girardeau, Mississippi, New Madrid, Scott
161 Steve Hodges no Cape Girardeau, Mississippi, New Madrid, Scott, Stoddard
162 Terry Swinger yes Dunklin, New Madrid, Pamiscot *Could probably also include 163, but will split
163 Kent Hampton no Butler, Dunklin, Stoddard *

Original tab delimited CSV file

The majority of the districts were clearly for Proposition B or against Proposition B. However, there were several, marked with asterisks (*) where the boundaries encompassed counties that had differing vote results: some for, some against Proposition B. In these instance, either I added up the total votes for and against to determine the overall outcome, or I analyzed the density of the population with the overlapped areas (denser population areas voted for Proposition B). In some cases, I set the vote to No (District 122), because the majority of the district was predominately No, and the little bit of the Yes county did not have enough density to overly influence the outcome.

In other districts, such as District 13, the urban density and positive Proposition B vote more than compensated for the areas that were predominately No, and so I gave that district to the Yes side.

For Districts 23, 121, and 138, I examined the vote in surrounding countries to determine the average vote percentages, and then comparing them to county percentages, was able to discern a strong urban effect for Proposition B in urban centers, which had their own districts. I then gave the urban districts a Yes vote based on the urban effect.

Missouri population density map, based on 2000 Census.

map with population density highlighted

Missouri Proposition vote by county by vote percentages (courtesy of Campaign for Liberty).

Missouri map with counties outlined, each colored in by the percentage of Proposition B votes

Merged population density/Proposition B vote maps.

Missouri density map merged with Proposition B county percentage vote