Summary of Proposition B votes by Missouri Senate District
Districts Representative Prop B Vote Counties Notes (Explanation follows table)
1 Jim Lembke yes St. Louis City, St. Louis County
2 Scott Rupp yes St. Charles, Lincoln *
3 Kevin Engler no Jefferson, Washington, Iron, Reynolds, Carter, St. Francis, Ste. Genevieve *
4 Joseph Keaveny yes St. Louis City
5 Robin Wright-Jones yes St. Louis City
6 Mike Kehoe no Callaway, Cole, Miller, Morgan, Moniteau
7 Jane Cunningham yes St. Louis County
8 Will Kraus yes Jackson
9 Yvonne Wilson yes Jackson
10 Jolie Justus yes Jackson
11 Victor Callahan yes Jackson
12 Brad Lager no Atchinson, Holt, Nodaway, Andrew, Worth, Gentry, DeKalb, Clinton, Harrison, Daviess, Caldwell, Mercer, Grundy, Livingston, Sullivan, Linn
13 Timothy P. Green yes St. Louis County
14 Maria Chappelle-Nadal yes St. Louis County
15 Eric Schmitt yes St. Louis County
16 Dan Brown no Montgomery, Gasconade, Osage, Maries, Pulaski, Dent, Phelps, Crawford
17 Luann Ridgeway yes Clay
18 Brian Munzlinger no Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, Clark, Adair, Knox, Lewis, Shelby, Marion, Monroe, Ralls, Pike, Audrain
19 Kurt Schaefer no Boone, Randolph
20 Jay Wasson no Greene, Webster, Christian, Douglas
21 Bill Stouffer no Clay, Ray, Carroll, Lafayette, Saline, Chariton, Howard, Cooper, Macon *
22 Ryan McKenna yes Jefferson
23 Tom Dempsey yes St. Charles
24 John Lamping yes St. Louis County
25 Rob Mayer no Wayne, Ripley, Butler, Stoddard, New Madrid, Dunkin, Pamiscot *
26 Brian Nieves yes (no) St. Louis, Warren, Franklin * (MAAL and the Humane Society Legislative Fund have this district as No)
27 Jason Crowell no Perry, Madison, Bolinger, Cape Girardeau, Scott, Mississippi
28 Mike Parson no Pettitis, Benton, Henry, St. Clair, Cedar, Barton, Polk, Dallas, Hickory
29 Jack Goodman no Lawrence, McDonald, Barry, Stone, Taney, Creek
30 Bob Dixon yes Greene *Springfield
31 David Pearce no Cass, Johnson, Bates, Vernon *
32 Ron Richard no Dade, Jasper, Newton
33 Chuck Purgason no Camden, Laclede, Wright, Texas, Shannon, Howell, Oregon
34 Rob Schaaf yes Platte, Buchanan

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The majority of the districts were clearly for Proposition B or against Proposition B. However, there were several, marked with asterisks (*) where the boundaries encompassed counties that had differing vote results: some for, some against Proposition B. In these instances, either I added up the total votes for and against to determine the overall outcome (District 25), or I analyzed the density of the population with the overlapped areas (denser population areas voted for Proposition B). In some cases, I set the vote to No (District 21), because the majority of the district was predominately No, and the little bit of Yes county did not have enough density to influence the outcome.

In other districts, such as District 26, the urban density and positive Proposition B vote more than compensated for the areas that were predominately No (and rural), and I gave that district a Yes vote.

For District 30, I examined the vote in surrounding countries to determine the average vote percentages; comparing them to Greene, I was able to determine a strong urban effect for Proposition B in Springfield. I then gave the primary Springfield district a Yes vote based on the urban effect.

Missouri population density map, based on 2000 Census.

map with population density highlighted

Missouri Proposition vote by county by vote percentages (courtesy of Campaign for Liberty).

Missouri map with counties outlined, each colored in by the percentage of Proposition B votes

Merged population density/Proposition B vote maps.

Missouri density map merged with Proposition B county percentage vote